Real Housewives of Atlanta: Anguilla and Kenya’s Fake Relationship


Yesterday, as I was perusing my blogs I came upon an article that said Kenya and Walter’s relationship was fake. As of now, Kenya and Walter are broken up. Kenya claimed that Walter wouldn’t marry her because he’s gay… But, Walter says their relationship was made up to begin with. He says that he and Kenya dated years ago and that she called him when she moved to Atlanta for the show. She asked him to pretend to be her boyfriend for the show. Apparently, Bravo didn’t know that the relationship was fake and it was all Kenya’s crazy plan.

Anyway, I learned all of this before I watched Sunday’s episode and it really makes a lot of sense. The whole episode was Kenya shamelessly flirting with every guy she encountered, including Apollo. And, Walter didn’t seem to give a shit. Which makes sense, because they weren’t actually in a relationship. Just so scandalous!

Besides Kenya, the trip got off to a good start. Everyone was having a good time. It’s so nice to see Peter and Cynthia being so in love. I’m glad that they’re happy and everything worked out for them despite everyone doubting them.


Also, I love that Gregg and NeNe are together. I guess they’re not officially together, but close enough. Peter told Cynthia that he and Gregg were talking about horseback riding and Gregg said the only thing NeNe would be riding was him. So… That happened.

As expected Porsha and her husband joined everyone on the trip. It looks like she and Kenya get into it next week.


The most dramatic thing that happened last night was between Kenya, Phaedra, and Apollo. Kenya kept going after Apollo and flirting with him. At the end of the episode she asked Phaedra which of her friends she would give to Apollo as a birthday present… So gross. Phaedra really held it together, but it was clear she wanted to punch Kenya in the face.


Before that awkwardness, the ladies were treated to a performance by an Anguillan dance team. The dancing was pretty suggestive and of course a bunch of the ladies joined in. NeNe showed off some of her stripper moves. She’s still got it.


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