Hurricane Sandy

I made it through the storm just fine. I do live below 34th street so my apartment doesn’t have power, heat, or hot water. But, luckily, I have a lovely friend with whom I am staying until things get back to normal. My job is also below 34th so I’ve been off work this whole week. I took a few pictures around my ‘hood before fleeing north.

Packed M15

Faster just to walk

At 40th St and 2nd Ave looking south into darkness.

At 40th St and 2nd ave looking north.

Empire State Building from 2nd Ave.

My street!

The difference between downtown and above 34th St is really crazy. Up in Hells Kitchen, which is where I’m staying, it’s business as usual. Stores are open, people are out and about, there are working traffic lights. I had Chipotle for lunch!

Downtown is a different story. Mostly everything is closed. I did manage to find an open store and get some coffee this morning. It’s really bizarre!

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