Real Housewives of NEW JERSEY

Last night’s episode featured the big blowout between Kim G and Danielle. But, before we get to that let’s go over the other happenings.

Teresa planned a ridic party for the christening of her newest babychild. Joe was being kind of a bitch. I understand that they are a financial wreck, but he could have tried to be a little more enthused. It was, after all, a celebration of his own daughter. He was whining the whole time and didn’t want to take pictures. RUDE.

It was nice to see Dina, even though she was wearing a dress she already wore in a previous episode. That would be stressful. Being on a show and trying not to wear the same thing over and over…. Anyway, she was very excited to be a godmother and such.

On to Danielle. The crazy decided she wanted to find her biological mom so she decided to bait Kim G into offering her help. I can only imagine what Danielle’s mother is like and I hope they are reunited so we can see what kind of person birthed Danielle.

SOOO Danielle and her chittlens went to the diner, as they often do, when Christine dropped a BOMB. Not really. She said that her friend heard from some spa woman that Danielle was looking for her mom, and the spa lady said she heard that from Teresa. BUT Kim G was the only person Danielle told. OMGZZZZZZZZZZ.

So, obvi, Danielle had a freak out and abandoned her daughters in the restaurant to go call Danny. My favorite part of this whole incident was the reaction from Jillian. She continued to drink her milkshake and was completely unfazed. These poor children are so used to their mom’s drama that they don’t even react anymore.

Meanwhile, Kim G had some sort of meltdown at Jacqueline’s house about how Danielle is crazy. Thank you Captain Obvious.

This all led to a confrontation in a restaurant, which is classy. Kim G and Danielle met up to have a pleasant lunch with each other that turned into Kim G losing her shit. I couldn’t even believe Kim G’s yelling. It was  out of nowhere. Like, when she started shrieking they had barely started their argument.

Danielle ended up running away, which seems to be her new thing. But also HYPOCRITE. Remembs when Dina confronted Danielle and then walked away? Danielle yelled at her for running away. JUST SAYING.

Kim G yelled something about Danielle having fake tits and that was the end of it. I really think Kim G is trying to pump up the drama so she can be the new housewife. Which I DO NOT approve of. I also thinks that why she’s trying to get in Caroline’s shit.


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